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Your favorite vintage non-palmtop computer?

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:56 am
by Kyodai
Mine is actually the "PC III VGA Plus" - on first sight a pretty shameless Compaq Portable III clone. Yeah even the name seems to be a clone... XD

But inside it's actually much of an improvement compared to the original Portable III. Unlike the Portable III it uses standard hardware (Minus the PSU and screen of course) - so you can install your favorite board. Mine came with a 486 board, but you can obviously also install newer and fancier stuff like a cool Socket 7 board. And the screen is finally 640x480 VGA - a big improvement over the weird 640x400 CGA the Portable III had to offer.

Simply love the monochrome red plasma screen...

(Image borrowed from a different forum, but same model as mine)


Here's a video of mine running Windows 95, surfing websites, playing games and watching video.

Re: Your favorite vintage non-palmtop computer?

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:33 am
by wintermute
I have several old computers and I like them all but I would have to go with Amiga 600. Small footprint but has everything. Mine has an internal CF hard and the ACA 020 accelerator with 10MB of RAM (I think) + 501n expansion giving it 2MB of chip RAM. Since it's ECS and fat agnus chip, it can boot to PAL or NTSC which is important for max compatibility. And it can also boot from DF1 which is also valuable with external Gotek floppy emulator. It also has a composite output (no Modulator dongle needed) so it's easy to connect to any TV for a quick session (of course, nothing matches my Sony PVM CRT attached to it via RGB cable). It has a PCMCIA slot and it recognizes all CF cards I have. I even have a PCMCIA WiFi adapter for it! The only thing which is lacking to be perfect is the annoying brick of the power supply but I guess that's why it's so compact.

Among pocket computers, my favorite is SHARP PC-1360. Not as bulky as PC-1600 but still very capable and I love it's big screen.

Re: Your favorite vintage non-palmtop computer?

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:04 am
by Kyodai
Ahh an Amiga 600... I always wanted to have one when i was a youngster (But got a 486 instead which was not really a bad trade-off).

So now your Sharp PC-3000 and the Amiga 600 have a fight about who can use the PCMCIA SRAM card, eh? :lol: More FastRAM for the Amiga or more DOS games for the PC-3000? Tough decision...

I still have my old Amiga 500 - not as fancy and powerful as the 600. Still using Kickstart 1.3. Slow, old but it was THE gaming machine here in Germany back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Spent so much time gaming on the A500 back in the days...

My dream machine was of course the Amiga 4000 Tower - but it was too expensive back in the days and still is too expensive today... ;)

Ah the SHARP PC-1360 - i had one a loooong time ago and never really did anything with it. I guess I am just not a great BASIC programmer.