Networking with the HP 100LX / 200LX / etc

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Networking with the HP 100LX / 200LX / etc

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There are not many PCMCIA ethernet cards that work with the HP palmtops due to the low power PCMCIA slot and MS-DOS 5.0.

However, a model that reportedly works fine is the Sohoware ND5120. Another one would be the Accton PCMCIA card.

You also need some software:

1. LXCIC - an I/O card enabler.

2. Ethernet packet driver. ... ivers/1.0/

3. some programs to use ethernet. For example mTCP which offers nearly everyting from FTP client, webserver, telnet, etc.

Or maybe www/LX, the most impressive webbrowser ever (From an MS-DOS CGA palmtop view). Was originally 99 USD, but is now freeware, so definitely a must have...

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