Wanted to buy: Any Palmtops

Everything about vintage DOS based Palmtops goes in here...
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Wanted to buy: Any Palmtops

Post by Kyodai »

Well that is if they run DOS;;;

I'd be willing to pay well for any of these, regardless of condition, even broken ones:

- Any ME386 / PS-3000 (Tidalwave, MiniNote, ProLinear, PalmBook, etc)
- Any Lexicomp
- Any Instant Tech
- Any that are listed as "Supposed to exist but never seen in the wild"
- Any palmtops that are not listed yet
- Any Palmtops that are boxed with accessories and manual

Refer to my list:


Besides that i will buy any palmtop for a halfway reasonable price. Just post here, i try to look into these forums every few days.

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