Let's build the perfect palmtop with todays tech...

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Let's build the perfect palmtop with todays tech...

Post by Kyodai » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:56 pm

This is a thought I've had since ages. If we were to built the perfect palmtop with todays tech - how would we design it, what features would it have and how would we do it?

There is no answer. Well not a single one since every person got a different oppinion and different preferences. So let's sum up what makes a palmtop important to you. I'll start with my own ideas.


What's important to you about a palmtop?

- It must be x86 compatible, able to run at least MS-DOS and hopefully Windows (3.1 or 95?)
- It must be incredibly power saving. I loved how i took out my HP 200LX like 3 months after last playing with it and it turned on fine.
- Definitely use AA-Batteries. Rechargable ones would be OK, too, but it must work with ordinary non-rechargable AA-Batteries.
- It must fit in my pocket. I love how the HP 200LX fits in my pocket. At least it shouldn't be much larger.
- It must be able to synchronize data with my normal PC. PCMCIA was a solution but these days i would prefer USB i guess.
- Display should be VGA (640x480) compatible or better.
- Sound should be sound blaster compatiblea and a small internal speaker (nothing fancy though) would be included.
- Keyboard should be a bit better than the HP 200LX, maybe more like the "MBook" UMPC. I don't mind having a few keys on "FN" combinations.
- Main "HDD" should be an inexpensive Micro-SD card that the device boots from. So it could easily be replaced if broken or full.


So how would you build your palmtop?

- I would use the lowest energy X86 chip possible. I was thinking of maybe an Intel Quark. I heard they are basically a 486 and extremely power saving.
- I would incorporate a latch to hold a rechargable AAA Battery and put solar panels on the lid. Rechargable AAA are easily available and the solar panel would charge that one whenever possible. The palmtop would try to at first run dry the rechargable AAA before using the normal AA Batteries.
- Display would be an e-ink display with VGA res (640x480). It would probably suck for games, but power saving should be enormous.
- I'd offer an option to build the case from aluminium or so - so unlike the HP 200LX i won't have broken hinges due to cheap plastic.

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