HP 100lx

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HP 100lx

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hi I have a problem with the HP 100LX.
I have a problem with using a CF card in the HP 100LX. I have thl 128 megabytes CF card. I tried to format it to FAT 12, 16, 32, but without result. I read that probably I have to install drivers on an HP 100LX. My problem is in that I do not have the cable from the HP 100LX, and I have no other cards. So I'm thinking about using infrared. I want to ask you if you do not know of any program (for Pocket PC or Palm or handheld with Win CE or Nokia mobile phone) to establish infrared communication and data transfer.

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Re: HP 100lx

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So you used the CF card in a PCMCIA adaptor?

At first try the built-in fdisk100 program in the 100LX. That "fixes" all partitions on the card.

Then Just format it in the HP 100LX. Like "Format a:"...If that doesn't work then the card usually can't be used in the 100LX.

UNFORTUNATELY - not all CF cards are compatible with the 100LX. Sandisk usually always work, for some other cards its a bit of a gamble.

I once bought a big bag of old CF cards, nearly 2 dozen from 16MB to 128MB and like half of them work the others don't. Luckily nearly noone wants such old small cards so they are usually very cheap on ebay.

Here is a list from someone who tested loads of cards in a 200LX, but same results should also apply to 100LX:

http://www.hermocom.com/hplx/view-all-h ... oragecards

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Re: HP 100lx

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Also, the HPLX mailing list is still active and full of helpful folks -- http://mail.eberl.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/hplx

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