Help with Highscreen A5-PC

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Help with Highscreen A5-PC

Post by fyr77 »

Hello everyone!

I hope I'm in the right place to ask this.
I recently obtained an old Highscreen A5-PC without any accessories or charger or whatever. While I didn't get it to work with batteries (cable appears to be damaged, continuity test shows), I did get it to "work" with my power supply on 9V.
"Work" meaning it turns on that little power LED, tries to spin up the HDD and fails doing so. When cutting the power, it shows two horizontal lines on screen for a moment, then fades.
The HDD is obviously broken, I tried to access the system files on it using an adapter on my modern PC - without luck.

I'm thinking it might still work, but fails to boot since there is nothing to boot from. So I got an Mini-IDE to SD adapter as a replacement. Issue is I don't know what to put on that SD card now. Maybe someone here has a disk image of that original HDD? I'd appreciate any help I can get.


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Re: Help with Highscreen A5-PC

Post by Kyodai »

I uploaded the drivers pack for the Bicom 260i. The Highscreen ist just an OEM version of the Bicom. And please use the new website.

You may wanna put MS-DOS 5 or 6 on that HDD and Windows 3.1.

Here's the drivers and tools: ... nA5PC.html

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