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Flaws of the F-07C

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:57 am
by Kyodai
Well while being the smallest UMPC ever and the smallest Windows 7 (8, 10... OSX) laptop ever it is not perfect. So let's sum up the flaws i found:

1. Battery life. Battery life is terrible. If you really work and play then an hour is already good. If you get like 90 minutes you probably already did maximum power saving and no 3D gaming all the time. EVen with the extended Mugen battery (Bulky!) the battery life is like "oh well"...

2. Right mouse button. Yeah i know you can "hold down" the trackball to simulate a right mouse click, but this does not work for full screen games. Can remap the RMB to another key with some tools, but not perfect.

3. Terrible touch screen. Especially when your unit gets older and scratched it barely ever reacts as you expect. I wish it wasn't such a cheap plastic.

4. Worst phone ever. Period. The phone function is not just poor it is also buggy, sometimes going nuts, freezing or whatever.

5. Lacking integration. In phone mode you can't use wifi and in Windows mode you can't use the phone. With a bit of fumbling you can activate 3G in windows, but it is far from being integrated well.

6. Locked down functions in phone. Whatever you wanna do in the phone - may it just be opening the browser - it always says "No Docomo sim inserted" (Unless you live in Japan and have a Docomo sim). Obviously the browser won't need a docomo sim or any sim at all. Same for half of all the phone functions. And that is with a sim-lock free phone. All of these artificial locks are unnecessary and make the phone worse than it already is.

7. Crappy custom earphone interface. If you ever lose the earphones or break them then no more earphones for you. How hard would it have been to use a standard 2.5 or 3.5 mm jack?

8. Stupid docking station port. Admittedly, i bought a custom "Docking station port to USB" adaptor and that works. But why not just directly put a micro-USB port in it instead of this stupid port?

Re: Flaws of the F-07C

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:08 pm
by Brookshire
Good points, the battery life is the worst thing for me. Having the recharge all the time is annoying!

Re: Flaws of the F-07C

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:36 pm
by Kyodai
I have the extended "Mugen" battery - which imho is definitely a "must have" unelss you only have the device for bragging or a few cheap laughs. I mean with the standard battery you can do some stuff like "quickly checking an excel file" or such, but it is far from being for "serious work".

I really ask myself like "what were they thinking?" I mean the bad thing is that battery life is not just short but also you end up with an "empty laptop" and an empty phone once it runs out. OK at least it leaves a little bit of power in default settings when shutting down windows due to "low battery".

Pro Tip: F-07C + Mugen Battery + Normal battery (as backup) + Power bank. But then the size and weight advantage is kinda negated.