Flaws of the Sharp Willcom D4

Everything about the WS016SH Sharp Willcom D4 UMPC
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Flaws of the Sharp Willcom D4

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OK, so i collected the flaws that bothered me over the years.

- Rubber coating. The rubber coating was sure a nice idea. When the D4 was new that felt pretty nice. Too bad it turned into a sticky goo after the years. Good news is that you CAN get it off. I did with loads of gasoline and an old cloth. Takes like an hour of rubbing, cleaning, wiping. Annoying.

- Rubber lids. These small lids to prevent dust coming into the USB , MicroSD and other slots are made of a similar rubber, so by now they will disintegrate on most units, so be prepared for these crumbling between your fingers.

- The W-SIM. OK to sum it up - the W-SIM is ASS. Like totally ASS. You can only use it in Japan, so forget about phone, 3G and everything. Maybe you could replace the whole wsim module in theory, but as it is it is just a waste of space and weight. There was a WSI module anounced which was to be "GSM compatible", as in "Works outside Japan", but I never saw it.

- The TV module. It's so much fun watching TV in Japan, but the 1-Seg standard doesn't work anywhere else in the world. Well I think they had it in Brazil for a while, or at least some derivate, but that's already your best bet. I guess you could replace the module, but as it is it will be useless unless you live in Japan.

- The HDD. Too slow and too small. Add Vista to get a terrible experience.

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