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Drawbacks of the Wibrain

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:33 pm
by Kyodai
Aight, so UMPC is perfect, so here are some flaws i collected for the Wibrain:

- It's a brick! Not brick as in "Doesn't work", but like a brick in your hand. It's just too thick and too long to fit in any real pocket unless you wear baggy pants with these huge military style pockets. Could prolly fit a lunchbox in those pockets anyways.

- The split keyboard. I know some people reported that after a while they could thumb type pretty well on these, but i never did. I guess maybe i just lacked the patience. Maybe my brain just isn't strong enough to split a keyboard mentally...

- Performance. yeah i know 1 GHz (Or 1.2 with some kinda deluxe models). But it FEELS like 500 MHz compared to some later atom based ones.