Overview of the different Wibrain models

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Overview of the different Wibrain models

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It is a bit confusing looking at the model names, so i try to make it a bit more clear.

With Windows XP

- B1E - the low cost model. 512MB RAM and 30GB HDD

- B1H - the high end model. 1GB RAM and 60GB HDD

With Linux

- B1L - the "L" stands for "Linux". While cheaper since Linux doesn't cost lizensing fees this one came in different flavors, B1LE being the cheap 512MB RAM and 30GB HDD model while (you have guessed it) B1LH is the deluxe 1GB RAM/60GB HDD model.

With SSD

- B1SD - with 32GB SSD, 1GB RAM, Windows XP
- B1SJ - With 32GB SSD, 1GB RAM, no OS included (Not even Linux???)

The CPU speed is somewhat of a point that is unclear. While some sites stated the same model with 1.0GHz and some some with 1.2GHz there are sources that claimed the low cost ("E") models were 1GHz. I really couldn't find out. Also not sure if the SSD models really came out. At least looking at the original site with archive.org I couldn't find any info about these on the official website. The SSD version (if it ever came out) was noted to come without bluetooth - which doesn't seem to make sense.

In Russia this was sold as the Ritmix RPC-500 -which was just a rebranded B1H.

Supposedly there was also a Wibrain B2 (probably never released) which was announced to be a B1 which features 3G.

WiBrain was ultimately sold to the Chinese "E-King" company which released the "E-King i1" which is just a B1H upgraded to an Intel Atom processor.

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