Raon everun drawbacks

Everything about the Raon UMPCs, namely Raon Vega, Raon Everun and Raon Everun Note
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Raon everun drawbacks

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OK i try to collect drawbacks for every UMPC, so this time it's about the Raon everun.

- Screen cables. Well most Raon everun i have had started getting weird lines that run through the screen, typical sign of a bad contact of the video cable. If this would have happened sometimes then maybe bad luck, but this is such a common flaw for these that after all the years having one without that problem seems to be like a lottery win. Bad quality is bad. Ironically the older Vega and the later Everun note never suffered from this problem.

- The keyboard. Which lunatic designed this? OK at least unlike the Vega you don't need the manual to find that weird combination for the desired key, but these are far from anything i call "typing". Entering a simple web address takes me ages with these. But yeah - compared with the Vega we can say - at least you can press nearly every key without looking up the appropriate combination from the manual.

- Performance! This thing is so incredibly slow - the 600MHz feel like 200. No kidding. Get a cup of coffee for every mouse click. And the graphics chip does not support anything it seems, even games that would run fine on like 500 MHz just start laughing and quit when you try to run them on the Everun.

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