Getting both keyboard and touchscreen working on TIM IDOL XP

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Getting both keyboard and touchscreen working on TIM IDOL XP

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disclaimer: I have tested the content provided below on my own device it works well, but this may not work for you. Flashing the BIOS is potentially dangerous and may brick your device. All information are provided as is and proceed at your own risk.

If you try to install Windows XP on to the TIM IDOL, you would find that the touchscreen (and bluetooth) doesn't work even after the driver is installed. This is due to an issue in the BIOS. However if you upgrade the BIOS... then the keyboard mapping is completely screwed up.

Long story short, I have modded the new BIOSes to work on the TIM IDOL with the correct keyboard mapping. Just flash them in using the same way as official BIOS updates (phlash16 /x /bbl /mode=3 /C in DOS) and you should be good to go. Note newer versions of BIOSes will need Blue Ghost or Smart Key to control the power of BT / GPS / 3G.

In case you are interested in the details, I have a blog post about the process (it is not that difficult at all):

(993.14 KiB) Downloaded 10 times

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