Cyberpunk 2077 – why I love and hate it

Cyberpunk 2077

OK first time I write about a computer game. I guess if you remotely care about games and haven’t been living behind a rock the past few weeks you already know the discussion about Cyberpunk 2077 and all its bugs.

My complaints are kinda high level since I play the PC version – so my condolences go to the PS4 and Xbox Something (I could never keep up with the counting of the Xbox versions) releases.

So the only hard crashes i experienced on the PC were when I tried to enable Raytracing on my RTX 2060 without updating the driver first. Which made me google some stuff like deleting a settings file since I couldn’t change back to non-raytracing since the game would crash before i reached the settings. I guess the only real annoying bug on the PC version.

While the game looks awesome and is 99% playable as it should be – there were so many smaller bugs and weird features that sometimes made it feel like I was playing a beta version. From people walking in the air, cell phones hovering in the air or sometimes glitching a hundred feed away without further notice.

Some smaller bugs I can understand – may it that a screen gizmo gets stuck and won’t disappear until you restart the game. That’s something they’ll hopefully get fixed in a future version.

Some logic stuff is a bit annoying – like the police not caring if a bad guy keeps shooting at you and they just keep issuing a ticket or inspecting a crime scene like they are deaf and blind.

What I personally find more annoying is the missed chance to give this a bit more depth. Like 99% of all stores, bars and so on are closed, there’s a million doors and you can open a few dozen of these, all others are just “locked”. How hard would it have been to put some generic store/bar/apartment behind these?

Also a feature I miss from the dreaded “Fallout 4” – Chairs. Benches. There’s thousands of chairs and benches there. Why not make an option to just sit down and enjoy the scenery? Pretend you’re eating or drinking? Just relaxing? Which gets me to the next point. There’s a handful of bars and clubs, but the best you can do is “buying” shit like drinks or food like from any merchant. Just a shabby animation of sitting down, downing your drink, that would have been so much immersion. Also there’s a million street vendors, how hard would it have been to just replace the generic talk messages like “Everything OK?” or “what do you want?” (What would I want from a chicken skewer vendor?) with a simple vendor menu? Small stuff like that would have given so much more immersion. As it is the world is huge and looks great but you can’t do anything. There’s also so many aracde machines, Pachinko and so on – it would have been so cool to have a mini game playing these. So how many mini games are there in Cyberpunk 2077? None. Zip. Nothing. Even the common food and drink vending machines you see everywhere – they are low res, looking terrible. And they do have a menu which ranges from food over drinks to drugs and so on – but it’s just not implemented in the game. You see the menu, but you can’t click it or anything. How hard would that have been?

On the other had there’s some stuff that has been overdone. Like there’s a hundred or more different food/drink items – which ALL DO EXCATLY THE SAME. Yeah it’s cool to have 4 dozen sorts of booze existing, but since they all do exactly the same (Basically just negative stats, so there’s no use for using them in the game) I got a feeling that regarding some points resources were spent and on other points they were missing. This just adds up to so many missed chances.

There’s also some frustrating things. Like with Level 13 somehow suddenly the lockdown was over and I was able to travel to the city center where I encountered some hispanic gang. These were all equipped with “1 hit and you’re dead” weapons, so not really leveled well. Forgiven. I took a dozen of them down with ninja guerilla tactics. Thought now I also get some of these awesome !1 shot 1 kill” guns. Guess what – they all had a level requirement of “Level 28”. Fair? I am Level 13 and get stuff I can’t use until Level 28? That’s more than double than my current level. If I am Level 13 and get stuff for Level 14 or 15 that is very motivating to level up soon. But Level 28? You must be kidding. Did the guys who programmed this ever play it? Yeah QA has been a main issue for this game. Prolly first time a AAA game was booted from the PS4 store. But looking at these countless rants – from a PC player who doesn’t even have the crashes PS4 players have – I can understand the move.

After all is said and done – this is still the best looking Cyberpunk City ever. by far. The city is so big, the brands, the ads, the cars and guns, all that is perfect. I just wish they would have had more time to make this the gem it deserves to be. But as it is it will probably stay an unpolished gem. With loads of potential wasted.

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